about us

Precarious Lives is being run by Drs Louise Waite, Stuart Hodkinson and Hannah Lewis (University of Leeds) and Professor Peter Dwyer (University of Salford).

Dr Louise Waite, School of Geography, University of Leeds
Louise is a Lecturer in Human Geography and is the Principal Investigator on this project. Her research interests include migration and transnationalism; the concepts of ‘precarity’ and ‘embodiment’; the experiences of asylum seekers and refugees; and development geographies especially in India and Uganda around issues of work, well-being and sexual health amongst vulnerable communities.
Email: l.waite@leeds.ac.uk
Tel: +44(0)113-343-3367

Professor Peter Dwyer, School of Social Work, Psychology & Public Health, University of Salford
Peter is Professor of Social Policy and is a Co-Investigator on the project. He works on issues related to social citizenship, international migration and welfare rights and responsibilities. He is particularly interested in homelessness, the changing mix of welfare provision, conditionality (the linking of rights to responsibilities), social inclusion/exclusion within and beyond the boundaries of nation states, and forced migration (asylum seekers and refugees).
Email: P.J.Dwyer@salford.ac.uk

Dr Hannah Lewis, School of Geography, University of Leeds
Hannah is an ESRC Research Fellow and is the project’s full-time researcher. Her research interests include community and social relationships, migration and refugee studies; UK immigration and asylum policy particularly in relation to destitution among refused asylum seekers; housing, volunteering, leisure, multiculturalism; and the ethics and methodologies of research with migrant populations.
Email: h.j.lewis@leeds.ac.uk

Dr Stuart Hodkinson, School of Geography, University of Leeds
Stuart is a Research Fellow and a Co-Investigator on the project. In addition to his interest in asylum and migration policies, his main work focuses on new ‘urban enclosures’, the commodification of space, housing privatisation, gentrification and displacement, and alternative models of housing based on commons. Stuart co-founded the MA in Activism and Social Change and is active in the Friends of Leeds Kirkgate Market group.

Email: s.n.hodkinson@leeds.ac.uk